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The opening of the 16th Shanghai Kitchen & Bath Expo theme pavilion a new scale
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New changes the domestic kitchen industry "weathervane" and "barometer", 2011 16th China International Kitchen & Bath Exhibition naturally extraordinary attention. According to the relevant person in charge of the exhibition organizers - Shanghai World Exhibition Company, the scale of this year's show will be a new record, in addition to the newly opened World Expo Theme Pavilion Pavilion, used since the New International Expo Center Pavilion will enable newly completed N5 , E7 two museums, with a total exhibition area is expected to reach 250,000 square meters.

                                                      第16届上海国际厨卫展将启用两大展馆 超大规模

Currently, The 16th China International Kitchen & Bath is scheduled to be held 25-28 May 2011 at the World Expo Theme Pavilion and the Shanghai New International Expo Center, Held in conjunction with the 16th China International Building & Construction TradeFair. One million tickets and invitations will be served on the hands of professionals in a timely manner according to the organizational unit carefully established domestic and international buyers database; another by the government, relevant industry associations, community organizations, official tours, trade tours, expert group instruct the exchange to the on-site visit. Also organized many symposia and technical exchanges.

In view of the rapid expansion of the domestic the kitchen building material market as the first exhibition of the Asian kitchen and bath industry, Kitchen & Bath Show booth natural mid-hot even "a hard to find". In 2010, the number of exhibitors reached 3,384, an increase of 20% compared to 2009. The 2010 exhibition attracted at home and abroad 78,500 merchants and professionals to visit and ordering, 35.7% of exhibitors Feedback turnover of 5.771 billion yuan, 790 million yuan of dollars, the total amount of approximately RMB 11.164 billion yuan. 

                                                   Shanghai International Exhibition kitchen successive number of exhibitors Statistics

Zone B of the Expo theme newly opened Museum is located at the west side of the Expo Axis, directly through the No. 7 subway line to New International Expo Center Pavilion, maximum convenience of the visitors two main exhibition hall. The theme pavilion covers an area of ​​about 11.5 hectares and a total gross floor area of ​​about 129,000 square meters - on the ground of 80,000 square meter meters, 49,000 square meters of underground, building height of 27.7 meters, the exhibition area of ​​about 70,000 square meters, supporting nearly 1,500 parking spaces. According to Miss Lee, the person responsible for the exhibition of the Universal Exhibition Company, the theme pavilion will be mainly responsible for the 16th China International Building Trade Fair and Exhibition tasks, in addition to part of the kitchen business will also benefit from the New International Expo Centre shunt this.

Located in the Longyang the new International Expo Center will continue to serve as the 16th China International Kitchen & Bath main exhibition, this exhibition will W1-W5, E1-E7 and N5 total of 13 exhibition halls and an outdoor exhibition areafor the exhibitors to choose from. Currently, the majority of Shanghai Exhibition Center in the area are less than 35,000 square meters. 16th International Exhibition kitchen and construction trade fair at the same time enable the two largest pavilion enough to witness the huge market in China and Asia and kitchen production, trade, industry.